i love to cook i'm bossy and most people have a problem with me and i don't care. i also love to sing and sometimes dance but thats only for fun. i have four sisters one brother and my baby cousins eva and joe who i love very much. i love my family and my mom even though she gets on my nerves a lot. i love my daddy jaime he's been there for me my whole life even when my biological dad wasn't. with my biological dad i have two sisters and my brother. with my mom and daddy i have my other two sisters who drive me crazy. but there my family and i love them. i'm 19 years old i graduated from palmdale high school. and i love to play softball for AVGSA i love to watch baseball my all time fav. team is the LA DODGERS. and i love andre ethier

Moving day tomorrow dad is kicking me out going to my boyfriend’s house and just rushing what we we’re going to do next month anyways

I got to see my country teddy bear today it was so nice I missed him soooooo much I love being in his arms

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Haha i see myself doing this

Haha i see myself doing this